Who We Are

We’re not Ocean’s 11. Nor are we Ocean’s 12 or 13.

We’re just a bunch of passionate, edgy and committed mavericks who genuinely believe that an idea is worth a thousand words; if expressed well, it can and is the cornerstone of business success. Yes, we love the idea of changing the world, one brilliantly articulated idea at a time.

  • Wordsmiths straddling Technical & Marketing worlds
  • Technology and app dev architects
  • Video and animation experts
  • Social media marketing specialists
  • UI/UX and Instructional design champions
  • Talent acquisition hub
  • Digital marketing sharp shooters
  • Design mavens

Front Runners

Ananth Kumar

Ananth Kumar

Thinker & Plotter
Operations & Strategy

Ananth studied to become an Engineer and went on to acquire a Management Diploma before venturing out to gain expertise and experience as an astute business and marketing consultant. After years of taking-to-market products and services of marquee names such as Aditi Technologies, iGate and Wipro in India, US and Europe, Ananth has closely worked with the product and startup ecosystem over the last 3 years. Besides his experience in M&A, Business Strategy, Product Management, Go-To-Market execution and follow-through, Ananth has mentored startups and successfully incubated a mobile app testing product company. His ability to articulate a GTM roadmap or play Advisor and Marketing maven ensures clients understand and trust him enough to even try his cup cakes sometimes. At QiWorks, he facilitates delivery of high-quality content services with innovative pricing models to help organizations gain an edge in their branding and positioning efforts.

Anil K Govind

Anil Govind

Inventive Creator
Experience & Design

Anil has a head for Technology and a love for design. Having worked for almost a decade with Aditi Technologies, after an early stint with TIL (now part of TCS), Anil can sift the grain from the chaff when it comes to UI/UX design and is a wiz with Tech Docs. He built a team from the ground up at Aditi Technologies and went on to head a sizeable UI/UX and Tech Doc team. Anil gives clients food for thought (yes, he’s a recreational chef) on how their products can provide the best user experience and create a niche for itself. Clients love his patience and respect his observations because they’re on the money, every time.

Renuka Mani

Renuka Mani

Wordplay Artist
Content & Content Strategy

Renuka has a degree in Statistics and is a dyed-in-the-wool wordsmith. Her love for the language led her to an eclectic career in Communications in advertising, dot coms and MNCs such as Honeywell, Symphony Services and WNS-Aviva spanning over 2 decades. While she listens to product briefings, her mind is busy creating interesting narratives for them, eventually finding expression in the form of brilliant storytelling. Her insatiable curiosity and passion have led her to deliver work that speaks to you, (when she’s not speaking that is).

Vasanth Chakravarthy

Movement Director
Animation & Film

Vasanth loves everything to do with films and tigers (yes, besides films if there’s anything that Vasanth loves, it’s his abiding fascination for the big, sleek cat). His decade long experience of working with all kinds of films, 2-D, 3-D, Live action, Whiteboard animation and more makes Vasanth understand a film script at the speed of 24 frames a second. Give Vasanth a script and clients can be certain he’ll bring it to life in double quick time (pun intended). Having worked on scores of videos including videos for some IT giants, Vasanth has the ability to analyse, plan and deliver videos that go beyond what the client ordered.