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Did content marketing kill SEO?

SEO has been the buzzword in the digital world for a long time now and everyone just can’t get enough of it. While we were still struggling to grasp the many nuances of SEO, and put it to use, we were, for a moment, sidetracked by doomsters who insisted that SEO was dead and what’s more, that Content marketing killed SEO! We know now for sure, that SEO is not dead, but this did give us an opportunity to discuss a very interesting topic – do SEO and Content marketing go hand in hand or can Content marketing survive without SEO?

SEO or Content marketing?
While browsing through the myriad websites detailing the importance of either or both, we realize there is a confusion most readers face – should they concentrate on SEO or should they focus more on Content marketing?  The confusion usually arises because people are not sure if these two concepts fit together or are at loggerheads with each other. They are both useful for businesses and they both generate results, then which one is better? The answer, as per many eminent digital marketing gurus is, BOTH!

SEO is non-functional without Content marketing

SEO is non-functional without Content marketing

SEO and Content marketing are as different from each other as they are similar, with them being referred to as Peanut Butter and Jelly by Neil Patel – delicious on their own, but when they get together, they create magic.


When SEO and Content marketing decide to traverse different routes:

  • SEO is still very constricted and technical whereas Content marketing is broader and more universal.
  • Paid SEO will still get affected by algorithm updates, which will not affect Content marketing.
  • So, maybe we can term SEO as short-term solution to marketing, whereas Content marketing is a long term solution.

But, they are PBJ, right? So, they need to blend in with each other to create gooey goodness, right? OK, maybe not gooey goodness, but goodness for sure. This is how they can.

SEO is the use of strategies and tactics that increases the organic search engine traffic, while Content marketing is increasing the traffic through content alone. But, SEO is nothing without content. Everything we do to boost our SEO concentrates on correct content. So, in effect, content marketing and SEO are both content oriented, albeit different kinds of content.

How can SEO and Content marketing work together?

  1. By creating quality and original content, which SEO definitely requires, since Google updated their algorithms and Content marketing, for obvious reasons, needs quality content to be successful.
  2. With the correct use of keywords. Keyword research is vital for both SEO and Content marketing. We spend time trying to create compelling content, but what is the use, if it does not reach the target audience? We should spend time writing content around the keywords to ensure the content reaches your intended audience.
  3. SEO states what the requirement for successful online marketing is, but that’s where the buck stops. It tells you what to do, but not how to. This is where Content marketing comes in. Content marketing achieves these requirements.
  4. Building links, linkbacks, or cross link – whatever you may want to call it, but it is one of the important aspects of SEO. And, good content attracts linkbacks. Publishing impressive, quality and distinctive content is the best way to build links.


SEO and COntent marketing need to complement each other to show results

SEO and Content marketing need to complement each other to show results


Different but similar – both go hand in hand
SEO and Content marketing are completely different, but that does not mean they shouldn’t work together. Content marketing is doomed to fail, if we do not integrate SEO in it and similarly, what is SEO without content? By marrying these two we can achieve increased traffic which means increased leads, which should mean increased sales.

Few stats to further reinforce this:
93% of all online experience begins with a search engine.
61% of all consumers feel better about a company that delivers customer content.
6 out of 10 companies plan to increase their SEO spending in the coming year.
Marketers spend 28% of their budget on content marketing.

So, how yummy is your SEO and Content marketing PBJ?

Comment below to let us know your thoughts on this and if you have already chalked out your content marketing strategy, then don’t forget to read our article on the best practices you should adopt!

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