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Simplifying UX for Industrial Robots

 -  - Simplifying UX for Industrial Robots

realizing a new UX paradigm in industrial robotics

The ASYSTR 600 from Systemantics is next gen fully indigenous industrial robot designed to lower adoption barriers in shopfloor. QiWorks is a key partner for Systemantics to establish the aspirational UX paradigm.

The Four Pillar Strategy

Systemantics embarked on a strategy that involved 4 distinct design tracks to meet the UX objectives – Robot Safety, Android App, IOT Dashboard and User Education. QiWorks is actively playing a pivotal role in developing 3 of the 4 tracks.

Familiar Interface with Android App

The trick to flattening the learning curve on the robot and simplifying controls for an operator is to adopt an interface akin to average smartphone or tablet. QiWorks collaborated with the Systemantics team to think-through data representation, controls, user behaviour, usage patterns and therefore the UX. Surfacing key 2D/3D models and critical data related to industrial robots on Android called for deep research at the time of design on tools, technologies and potential implementation constraints.

Real-time IOT-BASED Dashboard

A significant value the Systemantics platform provides is real-time remote monitoring of the Robot. QiWorks was tasked with creating a flexible framework for surfacing such dynamic data, yet provide a snapshot on the health of the robot.

User Education

With widespread industry-wide adoption of industrial robotics as it’s stated long-term goal, Systemantics worked with QiWorks to put in place key user education initiatives that articulated the User Experience paradigm to users besides delivering contextually relevant information on appropriate Systemantics platforms. From help videos and user guides to data sheets and whitepapers, QiWorks has developed a gamut of assets for customers of Systemantics.