If you are quirky about fusing Content with Design, Technology and Marketing or if  you love the intensity of B2B, then you probably know the answer. Drop-by for a coffee. Share your thoughts. Work with us.

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PS and .ai is not where it all begins and ends

Your online marketing artifact is there to do a job. To attract the right target persona, to make a dent and to be very objective in a B2B arena requires skill, expertise and understanding. Great design is also about being complementary or elevating insightful content. At QiWorks our design approach is:
Domain >> Objective>> Format>> Platform>> Access Our design capabilities are extensive.
Logos, style guides, e-brochures, print-ready brochures, websites, infographics, event collaterals, spatial branding, white papers, case studies, newsletters, UI/UX, reports and more.


Targeted content is more than just industry terminology

B2B content requires a certain nuance, an understanding of the audience and more importantly of how B2B business works. We treat every piece of content as a ‘brand ambassador’ of your brand, that can affect change in mindset, attitude and turn an agnostic into a believer. At QiWorks our intention is to tell a story that an audience is waiting to hear in the B2B language they understand. Our B2B content capabilities do stretch.
Website content, brochures, (any form factor, online or offline), infographics, event collaterals, white papers, case studies, case studies, email campaigns, social media calendar, video scripts, newsletters, technical documentation, and more.


Businesses need an experienced digital marketer. Period

Over time we have learnt that all businesses, established or start ups and domain agnostic, need experienced marketers to take their products or services to market. Businesses need strategies that cut through the clutter, enable sales people to generate revenues. Going beyond the pale of brochures and events, we at QiWorks help establish, enhance, distribute, monitor and measure the efficacy to deliver effective digital marketing. We understand B2B and our expertise covers an entire gamut.
Go-to-market strategies, pitch decks, proposal decks, positioning strategies, compelling narratives for prospective investors, pitch videos, distribution, SEO, PPC, in bound marketing and more.


Developing technology applications that make a difference

Every business at some stage nowadays experiences app-craving. The challenges may range from HR automation to aggregation, better management of L1, L2 tickets or something else. We get you to articulate your pain points, understand your need and then propose a solution. Our process is solid, grounded and delivery-oriented: Drawing board>>Design>>Code>>Execution/ Implementation>>User explainer videos>>User guides>>Happy customer
Working with technologies that deliver the best results.